• A few years ago I started a blog, then I worked for one, then I started a few more and now I'm starting this one. With each blog I try to talk about something different - I like to pride myself on a wide variety of interests - so for this blog I'm going to revel in all the aspects of pop culture. Music, tv, movies, sports, etc. Everything's fair game. If you're reading this, I hope you don't end up on the wrong side of one of these posts.

Stand Up For Your Rights

Yesterday we watched the social media world reach a crazy buzz level with the announcement that Chris Paul was heading to the Lakers for Pau and Odom, and then the Houston Rockets would acquire Pau in return for three formidable players in Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Goran Dragic. From New Orleans’ side, it was … Continue reading

The Queen of Pop?

Last night at 1am my friend Jalani tweeted that MJ’s Thriller sold 32 million copies (it’s actually 29 million copies, AND that number is only in the U.S. making it that much more impressive). I promptly replied that while that number is extremely high, he’s also had almost 30 years to reach that mark, not … Continue reading

NBAPA chairman Billy Hunter shakes David Stern's hand


With the NBA back I finally have something to do (you know, besides hanging out with friends and stuff). I’m excited the conflict is resolved but I have a few hesitations to how this will actually turn out. There must be conflict between both sides and I’m curious how this will play itself out both … Continue reading

Young couple asleep in a movie theatre

Saving My Money

I have a short attention span so movies aren’t my thing, but everyone once in a while something tempts me to make the trip to the theatre; the month of November is not one of those times. In this whole month there are MAYBE two movies I’d be interested in seeing and one features a … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Take Care: A Track-By-Track Review of Drake’s Sophomore Album

This may seem late; Take Care leaked a week ago and every website worth its server fees has posted a review or piece on the album, but I wanted to wait for two reasons. One, I wanted to wait for the actual release date so that the people who actually waited to listen to the … Continue reading

Turntables representing the Toronto music scene

Hometown Glory

As I set off for a weekend in Montreal, I loaded up my iPhone with a ton of great music from my hometown of Toronto. I finally got to buying Ian Kamau‘s EP and LP, Cocoons and One Day Soon, respectively. I haven’t had a chance to listen to the LP but an early favourite … Continue reading

Water leak, a metaphor for CDs being released early, or "leaked", on the Internet

Cleanup In Aisle Two

Last night one of the most anticipated albums of the year leaked online, and just past midnight EST on Sunday night/Monday morning, every rap fan was listening to Drake’s sophomore effort, Take Care. In the age of ubiquitous technology it’s almost inevitable that an album – especially a hip-hop album – will leak. But as … Continue reading

“Throw em a bone and they want a steak.”

Yesterday The Source posted an interview with Future – who?? – in which the rapper spoke about his hit record “Tony Montana” *spins the record back to a screeching halt* Wait a hot minute Future, who the hell are you?! I remember when I first saw on Twitter that a track with a Drake verse … Continue reading

72 Days of Fame

This morning, hopefully to no one’s surprise, Kim Kardashian filed for divorce from NBA player Kris Humphries. To preface my disdain for this particular event, you should know where I’m coming from. Here a few tidbits so you can catch up: 1. Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be famous. 2. I only figured out why she is … Continue reading

You Are Now Watching the Throne

The Watch The Throne tour, led by hip-hop giants Kanye West and Jay-Z, starts tomorrow night in Atlanta and above is a supposed set list (I assume seen at a dress rehearsal) and it’s a beauty. There is a great combination of solo tracks from each artist, spaced in between some of their earlier duets … Continue reading