You Wanna Be High For This

Screen grab from one of Sid Sriram's YouTube videos

I have a thing for people with great voices; not professional musicians, just talented individuals. I love when they take awesome songs, throw their own twist and make an entirely new product. It’s frustrating when I can’t follow the vocal tracks because they’re not what I’m used to from the original version but that’s why they’re in charge f the cover and not me. I have found many good covers in the past few years – thank you Youtube! – and I found another great one today. His name is Sid Sriram, he’s a vocalist from California and over the past year or so has gained attention for his covers of artists like Drake, Frank Ocean and the Weeknd. The first time I ever found out about Sid was through a Facebook post by a clothing designer named Bryan Espiritu. Instantly, my friends were sharing and tweeting about his awesome cover of “We All Try”. For some reason today I felt like going on his YouTube page and checking out some of his other covers, and his cover of The Weeknd’s “High For This” is his second-best in my opinion (after “We All Try”) so I wanted to share it with everyone. Check it out above!


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