You Are Now Watching the Throne

Setlist from the Atlanta show of the "Watch the Throne" tour

The Watch The Throne tour, led by hip-hop giants Kanye West and Jay-Z, starts tomorrow night in Atlanta and above is a supposed set list (I assume seen at a dress rehearsal) and it’s a beauty. There is a great combination of solo tracks from each artist, spaced in between some of their earlier duets and some tracks off their latest CD, the tour’s namesake. I am unfortunately not going to either of their Toronto shows, and although I’m sure I’ll regret this decision, I did make an honest effort to get tickets but I couldn’t fight the crowds re-loading the page a trillion times.

The show itself is sure to be a spectacle. Two hip-hop legends – a title not often bestowed on active rappers – on the same stage ripping through a decade’s worth of material that they have either collaborated with each other on directly or have influenced heavily. Kanye did produce a beat for Jay’s Dynasty album and then 5 tracks on The Blueprint in 2001 while simultaneously recording his debut album The College Dropout, which many (including myself) consider to be one of the best albums of the decade.

This album is a great hip-hop album too; not revolutionary in my opinion but just really freakin’ solid. Great production, some very good lyrics, memorable tracks, what else can you ask for?

If you’re going to this show, please enjoy and know that you’re witnessing a moment that a relatively small amount of hip-hop fans will ever get to see.


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