“Throw em a bone and they want a steak.”

Yesterday The Source posted an interview with Future – who?? – in which the rapper spoke about his hit record “Tony Montana” *spins the record back to a screeching halt* Wait a hot minute Future, who the hell are you?! I remember when I first saw on Twitter that a track with a Drake verse came out and I remember specifically not knowing who Future was, why he had a song called “Tony Montana” and if he had any sort of relevance in the music industry. The first two questions remained unanswered and I think today the third question can finally be put to bed.

Supposedly Drake spurned the Atlanta rapper when the latter asked the former to appear in the music video (which, it should be known, is the remix to the original song), an act which Future described as a “slap in the face”. There are a few issues here; first, the song fucking sucks (sorry Drake, even your verse is meh); second, a Google search of “Future” provides me with absolutely zero additional information considering his name is a common word (even searching “future rapper” is useless); third, does anyone actually know this dude outside of the ATL? If I can’t Google your dumb choice of a moniker how are you supposed to advance your career, let alone have enough credibility to put one of the hottest MCs in the game in your video.

All this being said, I do understand Future’s frustration, which is why I think that Drake should do a better job at picking his spots in the future. I mean this song really makes no sense in terms of his sound – even though I think he does better with his musical diversity than most people give him credit for – and his verse isn’t even that good. All this makes me wonder why he hopped on in the first place. What did it offer him? Money can’t be the motivation here; that leaves me with… I’ve got nothing. Obviously I don’t know the whole situation but I just think that if Drake wasn’t willing (as this tweet, which was tweeted right around the time The Source interview hit the web, would indicate) to do the video then he probably shouldn’t have done the verse in the beginning, but hey, what do I know; I’m just a fan, right?

Final note, any reference made to “Future” in a sentence that also contains the word “Drake” is a reference to Future The Prince, Drake’s DJ and a fellow Torontonian. Sorry.

One Response to ““Throw em a bone and they want a steak.””
  1. Future better pay Drizzy some homage.

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