With the NBA back I finally have something to do (you know, besides hanging out with friends and stuff). I’m excited the conflict is resolved but I have a few hesitations to how this will actually turn out. There must be conflict between both sides and I’m curious how this will play itself out both on and off the court. On the court I think the players will just be happy to finally be playing plus none of these guys wants to get blasted for their comportment when the season is barely underway, but there have to be tensions between both sides. And what about in team meetings between the players and owners? The owners just locked out the players for almost four months; I can’t imagine the first few weeks will be too pleasant, especially for some of the more outspoken owners.

Kobe Bryant and Lebron James in the Christmas spirit

Starting on Christmas is an interesting idea and I see it as both bad and good. To start with the bad, it’s a huge holiday so people might be preoccupied with family stuff; ironically I have Xmas day plans and I don’t even celebrate the holiday. On the other hand, this could be an INSANE ratings grab since no one has work or school that day, there is the potential for the whole family to be parked in front of the tv for anywhere between 2-7+ hours watching any combo of the marquee match ups that day. On that note, they definitely picked a great schedule to start off the season with the Celtics heading to the Big Apple to take on the Knicks, a rematch from last year’s Heat-Mavericks final and D-Rose and the Bulls heading off to LaLaLand to face the Black Mamba, Metta World Peace, Lamar Kardashian, the Spanish Fly and the man who has done a great job (imo) representing the players during this lockout, Derek Fisher. Sidenote: the Lakers are old (Gasol is the youngest of those five at 31) and should not win this year.

The Boston Celtics cheerleaders dressed up in Christmas costumes

Ultimately I think it will be a great way to kickoff the NBA season, even though the Raptors didn’t miraculously improve this off-season. Despite my hometown team likely continuing their depressing run at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, I’m f***ing excited the season is back. I hope you are too. If you aren’t, our friendship – or potential for friendship – is immediately questionable.


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